Homelessness is increasing across the nation; it’s not just Yakima. There are multiple causes, including severe shortage of cheap housing, disability, addiction, mental health problems, and release from incarceration. Homeless persons create safety and sanitation problems for themselves and for other citizens. Homelessness increases the cost of emergency intervention services.

Different types of shelter and housing programs are necessary to address different needs, and their effectiveness of achieving harm reduction must be assessed. The Yakima County Council of Governments recently redistributed funds, but their evaluation process was obviously flawed http://www.yakimaherald.com/news/local/tensions-rise-after-shake-up-in-funding-to-fight-yakima/article_8388c1a4-53e7-11e7-a8be-73353c7357a8.html 

My background in Evidence Based program assessment will be helpful in addressing this difficult and chronic problem.

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