Until the beginning of 2017, Yakima has been seeing a downward trend in crime. We all know that this year has been worse, with more armed robberies, shootings and homicides. Much of that is due to gang (organized crime) activity. We need to have the best police department that we can afford and do everything that we can to support its work. In the doorbelling that I have done, people have been appreciative of the police, and the City’s statement against racial profiling and immigration policing A trust relationship with the community that goes both ways is safer for the citizens and for the police.

On June 2nd, I attended a special Yakima City Council meeting with 6 Legislators, the Yakima police and the Prosecuting Attorney. The city has spent 70% of the police overtime budget and is asking for a legislative budget proviso of $360 - 400K to sustain enhanced patrols. Yakima has already created special levies in sales and utility taxes which are earmarked for criminal justice services. Multiple other interventions were discussed, including school and youth support programs to break the gang life cycle.

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