The strange story of The Rain Shadow Report - Oct. 16th, 2017

Just before the August 1st primary election, registered voters in Yakima District 4 received a newsprint mailing titled The Rain Shadow Report. It is a violation of campaign laws to send campaign literature disguised as a neutral source and without a disclosure statement such as, “This statement is paid for by the Keith Effler Campaign”. It is unlawful to make false and damaging statements about other candidates (the report called Chelsea Mack a “socialist”) without taking responsibility.

Since then, Keith falsely stated that he was not involved in The Rain Shadow Report, even though the Herald-Republic took the printing order directly from him. He repeatedly complained of being “accused” of involvement. It was not until last week that he admitted his role, and that the anonymous editor was Jared Bower, his Campaign Treasurer and the pastor of “Conquest Church, LLC”.

Now he has paid a  $9,412.52 settlement but continues to deny guilt. This is in keeping with Keith's motto: "No one is above the law...except me and my friends."

You can read the full text and the court order here:/UserFiles/files/Galusha_Effler_Settlement_package_FINAL_(1).pdf

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About the Candidate

Our family has lived in District 4 for 34 years. I grew up in California, went to medical school in Colorado and finished my training as a Family Physician in Michigan. We moved to Yakima in 1983, where I worked at the Yakama Nation Health Clinic for 5 years. There I learned a lot about families, the high risk environment for youth, and the public health and infrastructure problems in the Lower Valley. After that, my husband, Mike Collins, and I owned and operated a medical office for 25 years, retiring in December, 2015.

Meeting with One America Votes

Our Family

We have twin boys who graduated from Davis High School in 2002, where they played football and basketball with Josh Williams and Taylor Stubblefield, with Shag Williams coaching. They were both National Merit Scholars and Yakima Rotary Scholars. James Collins graduated from University of Washington and UW Law School. He works as an Assistant Attorney General in Guam, mostly prosecuting drug and weapons crimes. Donovan Collins graduated from Stanford and MIT in Chemical Engineering. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has a 2 yr old son.


"kay 4 yak": a palindrome. Thanks to Sarah Park for the t shirts.

Facts Matter

Working in medicine taught me rigid adherence to science, truth, and dependability. When we ignore facts, bad things happen. If we fail to meet commitments, trust is damaged and organizations can’t work effectively. “Framing” facts and campaign promises are as old as politics. But this last year has been disturbing because truth and consistent position no longer seem to matter. In religion, our first principle of fairness is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. In government, we have "a government of laws, not of men". No one is above the law and we cannot function as a society if we cannot distinguish personal preferences from facts.

Governing Matters

In recent years, contempt for “professional politicians” and the function of government has become fashionable. Government is sometimes done badly, but to disrespect everything that government does destroys services that we need. In Yakima we now have a good Prosecuting Attorney, a good Police Chief, and a Good City Manager. Each of the City service departments has its own professional staff with their own expertise. Intrusive micromanagement by the City Council is not the best way improve those services, but prudent, evidence-based oversight and positive attention to good results is the path to steady improvement.

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